Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Collage of pictures taken on trail rides.

Trail Rides and Guide Service

"The crossing", picture of riders and horses crossing a river.

We offer short trail rides on our farm for 40 or 60 minutes on shady woodland trails.  These short trail rides are suitable for beginners of all ages and small groups.  

To put you in the mood for a ride, take a listen to the following. Enjoy!

2014 Group Prices

  • Reservation Fee - $20 (Deductible from Total)
  • 40 minutes - $30
  • 60 minutes - $40
Short Trail Rides
Picture of youth on trail ride at farm.Another picture of youth on trail ride at farm.
Another picture of youth on trail ride at farm.

2014 Trail Rides 2+ Hours

Guided trail rides through some of North Florida's wilderness areas.  

Such guided trail rides are led by Russ Peters, a certified Florida Green Guide graduate.  Having a green guide on trail rides means that you are Tallahassee Community College certified Green Guide.getting a seasoned environmental advocate to assist you in leaving no trace behind on your rides, and respecting the rights of others (animals and people).  You will be able to spend your time taking delight in an outdoor adventure tailored to your interests withouth the hassles of planning the ride yourself.

NOTE: There is a $10 per horse non-refundable fee for no-shows or cancellations 24 hours or less prior to a scheduled ride.  Please call if you will be late or have to change times. (PLEASE DO NOT TEXT, as we will not get it!)

Green Guide Patch It really does make a difference having a certified green guide on your trail rides! 

Using our horses and limited to five people or less:

  •    $45 per hour, per horse
  •    Two hour minimum
  •    $35 per hour thereafter
5 People or less, Our Horses, 2 Hour Min @ $45 per hour / horse

Guiding your party with your horses.

  •     $35 per hour
  •     Two hour minimum
  •     $20 per hour thereafter
Trail Guide, Your Horses, 2 Hour Minimum @ $35.00 per hour
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