Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Collage of pictures showing instruciton provided at the farm.

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Instruction - Lessons

Page updated: 10/26/15


Teaching how to live close to the Equine Soul

Our Instruction Program focuses on the intent to create a true partnership between horse and human. Barrel Racing, Alyson and FrecklesSuch a relationship requires deep, mutual understanding. It is the horse’s nature to read humans, or,’to look into their hearts’. Our method of ‘tell, show, experience’ instruction is geared toward closing the communication gap for the humans.

Lessons are $40.00 per hour, and can be purchased below under "More info".

Dressage, Analese and Buddy

On the physical side, we start out with teaching a balanced seat with a method most suitable to the client’s personal abilities. Once this is accomplished, we focus on specific disciplines such as Dressage, Western Jumping, Barrels, or Trail.

Our school horses come in all sizes; from Miniature horses to Arabians and Quarter horses. Some are suitableHorse jumping obstacle. for beginners, others for advanced riders only. They are ridden both English and Western regularly and have all proven to be reliable mounts with no bad vices.Children receiving instruction in the big arena.