Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Facilities and Boarding

View of arena area.

Riders will enjoy the well shaded 300 feet x 600 feet multi-purpose riding arena.  Trail riders will enjoy the quiet paths through the woods of Cypress Run and an adjacent 60 acre area on our 3/4 mile cross-country course with natural and artificial obstacles.  Beginning or timid riders may try out their abilities in our 60 feet round pen before venturing off to more open spaces.

Another view of arena area.Rides on the local trail accompanied by a dog.

Natural Boarding

The term "Natural Boarding" has been used and argued about since its creation. Therefore, we would like to clarify what it means at Cypress Run Farm.View of wooded area.

Our Horses are permitted a lifestyle comparable to that of their feral cousins, as much as possible, on the 38 acres that are available on our property. 

Our horses live in three bands or herds 24/7. The only exceptions are graining time where each horse is fed in a stall to ensure proper amounts of nutrition and at times of dangerous weather (as much as that is possible in Florida). The bands switch fields twice a day and have to ‘forage’ for their hay which gets spread out in many small ‘bite size’ piles rather than one huge one, to imitate the daily natural migration of Equines.

Our land is kept natural: besides open, grassy areas, it features underbrush and mature trees which encourage foraging.

We welcome physical contact, rank and herd behavior since we feel it is essential to a horse’s mental health. For this reason, we have three bands, which give older and weaker animals protection. New horses are introduced gradually over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks. We do not board stallions or shoed horses.

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Horses gather to help themselves to hay in the back of a truck.

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