Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Collage of pictures taken at the farm.

Barn Rules

Horses, by nature, can behave unsafe, wild, irrational and dangerous, with the potential to severly injure or kill a person in seconds and without warning.

Cypress Run Farm, Inc. therefore specifically forbids any persons, except horse owners whose horses areHorses gathered in the barn. boarded at Cypress Run Farm, to enter the premises where the horses are roaming at any time, for any purpose, unless said person(s) are scheduled for a riding lesson, trail ride, EAP session or other prescheduled appointment.

Students and their family members/friends are expected to remain in eyesight and calling distance, (i.e., 100 feet of where the scheduled riding activity takes place), in a safe area such as one of the viewing porches or their vehicles unless they are accompanied by Cypress Run personnel.

Visiting the horses, barns, stalls, pens, fields, climbing over or under, or opening gates to areas where horses are kept on their own is not permitted.

Young children must remain within safe control distance of their parents/legal guardians at all times.


Rider's attire should be appropriate for their scheduled session: ideally long, close fitting pants, shirts and boots with SMOOTH soles and a DEFINITE HEEL are a must!

An ASTM approved Riding Helmet must be worn if you are sitting on a horse.

No jewelry, scarves, chewing gum, eating food or use of cell phones while riding.

Please no dogs,we have our own!!!  Please let us know if you have any concern with the smaller animals being 'too friendly!

Please, no alcohol on the Farm, smoking (if you must) in your own vehicle and please field dress and take your butts with you!

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Prepayment for the month is due on the first, unless otherwise arranged.  (No credit cards.)

If you have to miss a lesson, please notify us a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time so that we can arrange for a rescheduling.  Unexcused lessons are considered as lessons taken and will not be reimbursed.

Rules are subject to change as deemed necessary.

Page updated: 11/4/12