Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

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Artwork by Uta Peters

In addition to teaching and caring for horses, Uta Peters is also an artist!
Painting of Icelandic horse in field of flowers.
(This painting not for sale.)

About this painting:

Uta wanted to place this lovely (Minnesota) Icelandic (horse) into an almost transcendental scenery of colors which would complement the blacks and pale browns of her coat.  She found it in a photo taken at a prairie in a Canadian National Park. Besides the obvious splendor of the millions of Lupines and Sunflowers it was intriguing to her that the light in that photo seemed to come from everywhere.

She wants to believe that this horse's beautiful Spirit, now freed from a body worn and used up, crosses endless fields of flowers and grasses and perhaps would meet some of her beloved horses there.  Horses who have gone on ahead of her, in a moment between moments, surrounded by the scents of sun warmed fields and the sounds of eternal peace and freedom....

Our horses and us cross paths by design, frequently not understood until much later: Each of them connect heartstrings to us 'helpless' humans, so we can relearn the importance of innocent trust and profound honesty.  And when they pass on by way of this or that tragic circumstance, we find that we have become a little bit truer to Self, wiser to our Source, once the grief of loosing them has settled....This is their precious gift.'      

'Cypress Run Originals' Art Prints and Greeting cards

This initial presentation of original artwork for sale by Uta Peters was done in acrylics.  Purchase of the artwork through a PayPal link that will be provided below.

Frameable 6x8 prints on matte photopaper are $5 each
  a set of 5 prints is $20

4x6 greeting cards (heavy card stock) with envelopes are $3 each
  or 10 cards, mix and match are $25

Biographies of the horses are on the back of the cards.

Additional presentations will be posted as they become available.

October 2010 Set 1

Click on a painting to see a larger version.

Painting of Lacey. Painting of Blaze



Painting of Shekeinah.

Painting of Leo and Reddi.


Leo and Reddi

Painting of Charlie

Charlie Brown

November 2010 Set 2

Click on a painting to see a larger version.
Painting of Faerybraids. Painting of man entering house.
Farm Christmas Morning
Painting of horses eating hay at red truck Painting of horse racing with dog.
Red Hay Wagon
Almost Christmas
Painting of two riders under the mistletoe.
Mistletoe Tree

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