Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Collage of pictures taken at the farm.

Photo Gallery

In addition to various articles of interest, we are pleased to provide a photo gallery and slideshows of our horses and activities here at Cypress Run Farm.

October Afternoon

When nature is allowed to do the sowing, you get wonderful surprises!
Horses grazing in pasture.Horses grazing in pasture.


Horse Trick Clinic (Added 11/18/11)

Mud Bogging (Added 11/21/11)

Novah at 6 Months

Mariah and Novah with other CRF horses.With Novah being 6 months old, she and her mother, Mariah have joined the Cypress Run herd.  Mariah's health issues have much improved. Because of her 'special needs' conformation, her hooves are being worked on three times a week (natural hoof trim, Strasser method), she receives TTouch treatments regularly and also is seeing a chiropractor.

I have started to ride Mariah (at her own invitation) with a bareback pad about 20 to 30 minutes at a walk.   Her front leg seems to get stronger (much less 'wobble'in the joints ). We still treat a thrush infection which pretty much had eaten up 2/3rds of her frog in the left hind leg.  But we are tackling it! The hoof is clean and strong looking and is recovering.

Novah has overcome her intestinal protozoal infection that gave her tummy aches and diarrhea for the first three months of her life.  She is strong and healthy and 'growing like a weed'.  If she continues to grow like she is she will havecaught up with her mother's height by October (and I was hoping for a 'short horse' for my old age, lol!).

Horses looking over fence.

From my front porch looking out, my personal piece of heaven... My horses waiting for me....

Novah's 2 Month Birthday

Novah has grown by at least 10 in in height and gained a lot of weight. She is a good girl going to 'Parelli Kindergarten Level 1, The 'Friendly Game' is her favorite.

Mariah and Novah pose for a picture. Novah grazing next to her mother.
Novah nursing.

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